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What is Libertarianism?
    There are 3 primary laws governments use to interface with private individuals. These are code, prohibition, and justice.  There are 3 primary political philosophies -- Libertarianism, Statism, and Anarchy. These philosophies differ in the way governments use the primary laws.  Anarchy uses none of the laws. Statism uses code and prohibition to subjugate the people, often under the guise of providing for the general welfare, and declare justice served when the people are prosecuted and punished for not complying with the code or prohibition. Libertarianism is averse to the use of code and prohibition, which are rich mediums for corruption, and embraces justice as the preferred way to secure the individual's liberty. As a broad definition statist justice is the punishment for disobedience ,while libertarian justice would be the punishment for trespass with malice a forethought .
You are correct, this is not the definition found on Wikipedia or at your local library . 
Here is a link to the World's smallest political quiz.

Debbie Schum is the chairman of the Libertarian party of Delta County, below and on the Outlaw Redneck Corner page are some of her  arguments for liberty.

Debbie responds to CNN new's argument for national health care insurance.

Debbie debates amendments 60 & 61 and prop. 101 on PBS.
E-Mail Debbie Schum - Chairman  or call  (970)234-8056

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